Mr. Extremo vs Sir Serpent

Winner:Mr. Extremo

Match 1

My Season 1

Next:Evil Ira vs Vini Vidi Victory


It's The Mighty Dexteras' Daredevil Extraordinaire Mr. Extremo versus The Sinistra Wrestling for the Queen of England Sir Serpent in First Episode of My Season 1.


Mr. Extremo

Sir Serpent

Dick Thompson

Colonel Cossack

Mr. Extremo's Biggest Fans


Dick Thompson says they have a great match for the viewers, but Colonel Cossack isn't very happy. Dick's opinion is the the kids will love it, but colonel says that there is no point. The soon introduce Extremo and Serpent, and Dick states that Sir Serpent is british royalty, and has also dated the Queen.

In round 1: Mr. Extremo takes control of the match and beats Sir Serpent to a pulp. But Sir Serpent is thinking of the Queen to care about the match.In round 2: Sir Serpent is now focused and starts fighting. Both wrestlers take some big hits but Extremo ends up on the top at the end of the round. In round 3: Sir Serpent does his finisher The Serpent Sneak Attack and almost pinned Mr. Extremo. But Pinky tells Mr. Extremo not to give up and Extremo uses The Jetpack to win the match.

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