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Mr Extremo vs. Queen Nefercreepy
Mr. Extremo vs Queen Nefercreepy

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Episode: 68
Match: 14
Season: 4(Quarter-finals)
Winner: Mr. Extremo
Next: Danny Kaboom vs Mugsy Thumbscrew
Previous: The Visitor vs Hometown Huck


In Round 1, Extremo rides on his skateboard and strikes insulting Nefercreepy twice, but Crafty Nefercreepy interrupts it with a giant wall.

In Round 2, Extremo flies on his jetpack, but Nefercreepy uses a Book of Evil Spells  then lightning Zaps Extremo falling On the Mat

In Round 3, Extremo flies on a hang glider, but Nefercreepy pushes a basket of two snakes as Easy However, Extremo lands on his feet and feeds the Two snakes with Snake Chow. Nefercreepy Scolds the snakes so They Got Angry  they Wrapped Her On the mat and Extremo pins her, advancing to the TWF Semifinals.

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