Mr. Extremo vs N Fuego
Mr. Extremo vs N Fuego

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Episode: 71
Match: 17
Season: 4(Semi-finals)
Winner: Mr. Extremo
Next: The Visitor vs Danny Kaboom
Previous: N Fuego vs Face-Off Phil

Round 1

Extremo Take Hits On N Fuego, However N Fuego wants Him To Try One Jump On His Skateboard Will be extreme But Extremo Charges N Fuego And Flats Him

Round 2

Extremo Didn't know Where N Fuego Gone , However N Fuego Creeps Up Behind and Pushed Him To A Cannon To Give Him Extreme Stunts If He Like It Or Not Extremo Blasted On The Mat Saying Bummer Dude

Round 3

Extremo Does Enough Stunts, Bucks Contents To See If Extremo Likes Extreme Pain, as he Put a Ring On Fire around Extremo, However A Bumbling Billy Batboy Comes In To Use A Fire Extingisher But The Lost Viking Backs Off Him saying It's Only for Emergencies, Then it Extinguish The Fire , Extremo Is Free to Settle N Fuego Then He Pins N Fuego Advacing To The Championship

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