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Mr. Extremo vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky
Young Versus Old
Episode: 24
Match: 1
Season: 2
Winner: Mr. Extremo
Next: Mahi Mahi Mindy vs Rolf the Reaper
Previous: Hometown Huck vs The Big Time

Mr. Extremo vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky is the 24th Episode of Thumb Wrestling Federation and 1st match of Season 2.

Short Summary Edit

The Mighty Dexteras' newest superstar finds himself face-to-face with the crankiest Sinistra of them all.

Character Appearances Edit

Summary Edit

Colonel Rocking the Shades

Pregame: Dick Thompson greets the fans by welcoming them to the kick-off of Season 2. He also tells them of the big day view of Mr. Extremo, the Dexteras newest recruit. Colonel is also in the mood by wearing some cool glasses, and begins a dance party just in time for the match. Mr. Extremo is announced with a description of him as a former daredevil, Dick tells the Colonel if it is exciting, but he tells him "whatever". Mr. Extremo gives his fans the "Extremomaniacs" a shoutout to "rock on". Colonel then states that rock 'n' roll is last week. Big Bad Billy Goatetsky is announced with the Colonel finding him cool, Billy then yells at the crowd to quiet down. The match then begins.

Extremo on Top

Round One: The match begins with some punches being traded by both wrestlers and Mr. Extremo comes on top of Billy, the wrestlers then trade some insults, and Billy finds himslef on top of Mr. Extremo to end the first round.

Post Round One: Dick comments that Mr. Extremo is on the ropes, but the Colonel comments that Mr. Extremo is a "geeky nerd".

The match on the ropes

Round Two: Round Two begins with Mr. Extremo taking the fight on the ropes, literally! but the fight still continues. Billy demands Extremo to put them down, but Extremo thinks he can't handle the danger. Billy then forces them down the ropes. The round ends with both wrestlers on the mat.

Both Wrestlers on the Mat

Post Round Two: Dick comments on the round with both of the wrestlers down, but is then attack by the Colonel when dancing.

Billy Knocks Down Extremo

Round Three: Billy complains that he is tired and cold, but Extremo ignores him and rides his skateboard. Billy then launches Extremo out of his board with a large head butt and uses his deadly move, The Big Bad Brain Butting Barrage. Dick could think this might be the end, but Mr. Extremo isn't out yet and delivers big blows to finish off Billy to take the win.

Extremo Pins Billy

Post Round Three: Dick can't believe what he has seen and is in excitement, he then realizes that the Colonel has gotten rid of his cool clothes, he exclaims that "cool is out, ordinary is the new cool". The episode then ends.

Trivia Edit

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