Mr. Extremo
Mr. Extremo In Match

Mr. Extremo

Name: Mr. Extremo
Additional Info: Daredevil Extraordinaire
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: W8-L3
Appearance: Seasons 2-5
Portrayal: Sean Schemmel

Mr. Extremo is a Daredevil Mighty Dextera Thumb Wrestler and the Season 2 and Season 4 Champion.


As a young boy, Mr. Extremo (Then Named James Median) was surprisingly an average and normal boy. He got average grades, had average checkups. Even at the carnival, all he could get on the strength game was a So-So. It seemed as if Young Jimmy was condemned to a boring life. That all changed in the course of one day. While hanging out with his friends, James carelessly slipped on a bannana peel, and landed on a skateboard, which sent him careening onto the streets. He went up a ramp, and took some air and landed on the ground, much to the excitement of his friends. Something snapped in James's head making him the coolest kid in school, and from then on, he pursued the ability to do any kind of extreme stunt out there possible. Taking the new name, Mr. Extremo, Extremo did all kinds of extreme stunts before taking on the most extreme thing to do: Joining the TWF. Under the flag of the Dexteras, Mr. Extremo would bring new excitement to the TWF.

Personality + Battling Style

Like any Dardevil, Mr. Extremo's personality is, well, Extreme! He always acts tough, and is able to back it up with his abilities in the wrestling ring. He'll always do one for the Fans! He is shown to be rather egoistical and overconfident, proven in his match that he CAN do any stunts

Battling Style:


Almost all the time when he's in the ring, Mr. Extremo perform extreme stunts, carelessly putting his life on the line for the fans as well as attempting to defeat his Sinistra opponent. Not only does he do stunts, but he also can wrestle, which he always adds his own spice to, such as Jump-Flipping over his opponent to catch them off guard.

Signature Move: Jetpack/Jetpack Attack While not established as his signature move, Mr. Extremo has often used a Jetpack in the ring to inflict heavy damage on his opponent. He puts it on in the blink of an eye, and will either dive-bomb his opponent, or knock them off high places. Not even The Big Time could survive a hit from this deadly attack.


Mr. Extremo


Opponent Outcome
Big Bad Billy Goatetsky Win
The Big Time Win
Senator Skull Win
The Big Time* Win
Bucks Gazillion Lose
The Lost Viking Lose
Queen Nefercreepy Win
N Fuego Win
The Visitor Win
The Scorchion Win
Senator Skull* Lose


Season 2

Mr. Extremo broke out in his rookie season, taking down some of the most dangerous Sinistras imaginable.


Season 3

Mr. Extremo's title defense went off without a hitch, but ran into problems against the fierce businessman Bucks Gazillion


Season 4

Mr. Extremo tried to revive the Dexteras in Season 4. He fumbled at first, but brought home another championship for The Might Dexteras.


Season 5

Mr. Extremo took part in a dangerous desert tumble (literally) with The Scorchion, and managed to come out on top. His winning streak did not last long though, because Senator Skull was able to win their rematch.



  • Mr. Extremo is one of the only wrestlers who have defeated The Big Time, the other is Hometown Huck.
  • Mr. Extremo has the most victories in the whole TWF, tied with Hometown Huck and The Big Time.
  • Mr. Extremo's fans are called "Extremomaniacs".
  • Mr. Extremo is the first wrestler to have won 2 championships.
  • Mr. Extremo is the first person to actually pin Senator Skull.
  • Mr. Extremo only actual pin was against Bucks Gazillion.
  • Mr. Extremo is the first person to beat The Big Time on his own.
  • Mr. Extremo without the Mr. in his name is "Danger Extremo".