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Milty's intro

Season 23 Championship
Winner and Champion: Milty the Clown (WOW)
Next: Vini Vidi Victory vs Thomas Chanelation

R1: Milty punches Snagglefangs. Snagglefangs bites Milty. Milty then pins him.

R2: Milty throws a pie at Snagglefangs. Snagglefangs eats it. Milty uses his Big Red Nose. He then hits and pins Snagglefangs.

R3: Snagglefangs bites Milty again. Milty sprays water at Snagglefangs with his flower. He then puts a whoopee cusion down. Snagglefangs steps on it, and the crowd laughs. Milty then pins Snagglefangs, and is suprisingly crowned TWF champion.

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