Mahi Mahi Mindy vs Rolf the Reaper
Mindy versus Rolf
Episode: 25
Match: 2
Season: 2
Winner: Mahi Mahi Mindy
Next: Itsy Bitsy vs Fly Guy
Previous: Mr. Extremo vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky

Mahi Mahi Mindy vs Rolf the Reaper is the 25th episode of Thumb Wrestling Federation and 2nd match of Season 2.

Short Summary Edit

Ocean conservation activist Mahi Mahi Mindy's cheery outlook is put to the test in the TWF ring when Rolf the Reaper is in the other corner.

Character Appearances Edit

Summary Edit

Colonel Born for Show Buisness

Pregame: Dick greets the fans and tells them what a show they have for them, but Colonel objects, saying he has a show for them, Dick wonders what it is, and Colonel play a clip of him dancing with giant carrots.

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