Lucky O' Leary vs Rolf the Reaper
Leary vs Rolf
Episode: 75
Match: 2
Season: 5
Winner: Lucky O' Leary
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Previous: Scoutmaster Scott vs Tom Cat

Round 1

Lucky greets Rolf, but Rolf starts punching him. Rolf tells Lucky to stop whining. Lucky tells Rolf to look at the beatiful rainbow in the ring, and Rolf states that he has never seen such a "large and colourful frown". Lucky says that there's a first time for everything and punches Rolf 5 times. Rolf says he in injured, but unimpressed.

Round 2

Rolf, who is holding a scythe, tells Lucky to surrender. Lucky hold up his "luckiest charm yet", a 5-leaf clover. Rolf slices 2 of the leaves off. Lucky then brings out a shillelagh. Rolf asks what a shillelagh is. Lucky says it is a walking stick for hitting people. Lucky and Rolf start dueling with each other.

Round 3

Lucky has secured himself behind a range of bad luck charms (a ladder, a black cat and a mirror) and asks Rolf if he thinks that his luck has run out. Rolf says that luck does not exist, and that there is only "cold, meaningless probability". Lucky replies, telling Rolf to come and attack him. Rolf walks under the ladder, walks past the black cat and into the mirror, breaking it. Rolf says that nothing bad happened, and that Lucky is childish for believing in such a thing as luck. Suddenly, a lightning bolt strikes Rolf as his bad luck. Lucky pins Rolf, winning his first victory
Lucky O'Leary (DEX) vs Rolf The Reaper (SIN)-103:33

Lucky O'Leary (DEX) vs Rolf The Reaper (SIN)-1


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