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Season 15 Quarterfinals
Winner: Knockout Ninja
Next: Senator Skull vs Weredog

round 1 scott calls for for hes cookie scouts to shoot ninja fire a plunger arrow at ninja and ninja he then he dissapears and scott hes looking for him and lands on top of scott to end of the round

round 2 ninja calls for his sensei and sensei gives a shurikin at ninja and ninja fire a shurikin at scott.scott calls for his cookie scouts to fire again at ninja using arrow and sensei enters at the ring and he calls for his 3 ninjas and the three ninjas are attack the three cookie scouts and sensei hits scott and end of the round

rround 3 scott hes now tired and he calls for hes cookie scouts and scott looking for his  cookie scout and the 3 cookie scouts are give up and they run away and ninja now pins him advance in semi final

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