Knockout Ninja vs N Fuego

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Episode: 78
Match: 5
Season: 5
Winner: Knockout Ninja
Next: The Visitor vs Gogachog
Previous: Itsy Bitsy vs Gary the Intern

Round One

N Fuego starts off with some hits, while asking Ninja if he can stand the pressure. But Knockout Ninja rather assures N Fuego that he does not know pressure. This confuses Fuego , who attempts to pin Ninja. But with help from his Sensei, Ninja disappears and lands on top of N Fuego to end the round.

Round Two

N Fuego states Ninja may move fast, but he cannot escape the power of samba, and cues a band to play. Fuego starts dancing, and Ninja starts to falter. He looks for his Sensei, but he left to get a chili dog during the intermission. Meanwhile, N Fuego pins Ninja to end Round Two.

Round Three

The sensei comes back, much to Ninja's relief. Ninja says he cannot concentrate with the samba bands music, and asks his sensei how he can fight. The Sensei tells Ninja to find rhythm within the music, which he does. N Fuego is amazed at Ninja's moves. After some groovy grooving, Knockout Ninja kicks N Fuego into the band, stopping the music and stunning Fuego. As soon as Fuego gets back up, Ninja pins him, securing his first win and another Dextera victory.

Notes: This marks the third appearance of Knockout Ninja

This is Knockout Ninja's first win


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