Season 16 Championship
Winner and Champion: Itsy Bitsy
Next: The Stash vs Billy Batboy

R1: James punches Itsy 2 times. Itsy punches back. Itsy does spider skills. James calls her to get back here. Itsy ignores him. Itsy then comes back and pins James.

R2: James punches Itsy agian. Itsy then gets a chair, then beats James with it. James gets weak, but he punches back. Itsy is pinned by James.

R3: James punches Itsy 4 times. Itsy then punches James. James slams the mat, causing a rumble. The Ring wobbles causing both wrestlers to wobble too. Itsy, however, jumps up. Then she punches James. She webs James. She knocks him to the mat, trapping him. She then pins him for the win.

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