Future Season 7 Quarter-finals

Winner: Itsy Bitsy

Next: Itsy Bitsy vs Hometown Huck(Rematch)

Previous: Hometown Huck vs The Black Knight

Round 1: Itsy lands hits on Extremo. Extremo lands hits on Itsy. Itsy says that Extremo isn't that Extreme. Extremo then skateboards into Itsy. Itsy then wraps around Extremo with her legs, and the round ends.

Round 2: Extremo then jetpacks towards Itsy. He kicks her. Itsy then crwals up onto the ceiling and jumps on Extremo. Both wrestlers hit the mat. They both get back up. Extremolands hits on Itsy and pins her to end the second round.

Round 3: Extremo then kicks Itsy. He then lands hits on her. He then uses his Jetpack attack. He then flies towards Itsy. Itsy then uses her deadly web on Extremo. It lands on him. Itsy jumps and knocks him over onto the mat, and Extremo is trapped. Itsy then pins him and advances to the semi-finals.

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