Itsy Bitsy vs Gary the Intern
Itsy Bitsy vs Gary the Intern
Episode: 77
Match: 4
Season: 5
Winner: Itsy Bitsy
Next: Knockout Ninja vs N Fuego
Previous: Mr. Extremo vs The Scorchion

Round One,

Gary says that winning this match will be "as easy as throwing shrimp on the barbie", and Itsy warns Gary to not fall in love with her. Meanwhile, Hometown Huck's locker is jammed, and needs help opening it. Gary rushes to the locker and opens it by hitting it with a crowbar. Gary gets back into the ring, but then, a boy on the sidelines can't open his peanuts. Gary cuts the bag open with a pair of scissors, and Pinky warns Gary to not tire himself out. Gary gets back into the ring again, now tired from running around. Itsy punches Gary 3 times and pins him.

Round 2

Gary cuts Itsy's hair for her. Gary shows Itsy's new haircut in the mirror, and Itsy is horrified at it. A boy on the sidelines teases her about her afro, and Gary says that Itsy need just one more little touch-up, and hits Itsy with the mirror.

Round 3

Itsy starts to woo Gary with her charm, and complements him on his work, saying he deserves better for being the hardest worker in the TWF. Gary is flattered, saying that no one ever complements him on his work, and says that Itsy is very kind to say that. Pinky warns Gary again, saying that Itsy is trying to trick him. Itsy tells Gary to look into her eyes; she has something to tell him. Gary, who has fallen for Itsy now, asks what it is, and Itsy harshly says that he's a fool, just like her past boyfriends. She punches Gary twice and pins him to the mat.

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