Hometown Huck vs The Cheetah
Hometown Huck (DEX) vs The Cheetah (SIN) (inc04:16

Hometown Huck (DEX) vs The Cheetah (SIN) (inc. Trash Talk)



Hometown Huck vs. The Cheetah was the 81st match Thumb Wrestling Federation, and the 7th match of Season 5.

Short SummaryEdit

The Cheetah's dirty tricks aren't working until she pulls out Hometown Huck's birth certificate.

Character AppearencesEdit


Pregame: Dick greets the fans, and Colonel tells Dick to be quiet because he is reading a book. It turns out he is reading a cook book and he says it looks like the ingredients will make a cookie. The Cheetah is introduced, and Dick talks about how she can think of many evil plots. Then Hometown Huck is introduced. They talk about how Huck is in top condition, and that the crowd is on his side. Colonel, who hates Hometown Huck, says th at the crowd is insane. Huck cheers on the different places, and the match starts

Round One: The Cheetah spills oil on the ground, but Hometown Huck simply jumps over the oil puddle and pins The Cheetah to quickly end Round One.

Post Round One: Dick Thompson says that The Cheetah's tricks are no match for Hometown Huck. Colonel Cossack asks if Hometown Huck has ever fought a Siberian Bear. Dick tells Colonel not to be jealous and Round 2 starts.

Round Two: The Cheetah then pulls out a birth certificate. It says that Hometown Huck was born in Los Angeles instead of America's heartland, (Omaha, Nebraska) making the fans throw food at Huck for lying to them. Hometown Huck claims that it is not true and that The Cheetah is trying to trick the fans. The Cheetah runs in and pins Huck.

Post Round Two: Dick basically summarizes what happened and asks if it could be true. Colonel claims that he knew it and asks why no one ever listens to it. The match then starts again.

Round Three: Huck ask The Ref to see the birth certificate. He confirms that it is a counterfit and Hometown Huck is still from the heartland. Hometown Huck, while calling out names of various countries (including Smolensk, making Colonel happy), hits The Cheetah and ultimately pinning her to the mat.

Post Round Three: Dick announces that Huck is once again a fan favorite. Colonel is still happy that Huck made a shoutout. Dick said that he thought Colonel hated Hometown Huck, but Colonel does pay attention and claims that Huck was looking at him when he said Smolensk. Dick bids the fans good night and the match ends.


Notes: This marks the second appearance of The Cheetah

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