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Hometown Huck vs The Big Time

Episode: 23
Match: 23
Season: 1(Championship)
Winner and Champion: Hometown Huck
Next: Mr. Extremo vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky
Previous: The Big Time vs Wasabi

Dorsal Flynn starts the episode up with joking about Hometown Huck's obesity. Later, he is told to get out of the Big Time's face. How could he get in if he couldn't fit? But, before all that happens, James Montgomery Flag reminds Colonel Cossack that it's not Flag Day.


  1. Starting off: Hucky attacks, BT dodges. Bing! Bam! Kablooie! Big Time claims to have a date after this, so he wants to hurry up.
  2. "A blow from the blue! A gloo from the glee! A bloo from the blee? That's crazier than me, see! How could that be? FIDDLE-DE-DEE!" --Dick Thompson, Colonel Cossack, and Dorsal Flynn. Evil Ira hops in and slows Huck down, giving the Big Time an advantage. After about a minute or so, Ira realized his spell didn't last that long. He thought about telling the last Sinistra hope, but he knew he'd figure it out. He now speeds up before returning to normal. You will see this happen at about 7:24 in to the film to the left. Five seconds later, he returns to normal speed. The Big Time took a mighty beating.
  3. Big Time inflicts the Time Bomb on Huck. Victory for the Sinistras! Until Huck just barely gets up. He demonstrates the Hometown Shuffle once again, taking out Big Time. However, both wrestlers end up down, needing a winner. Pinky dedicates his help to Huck, Vini Vidi Victory, his girlfriend Wasabi, and for the team itself.  
    TWF Hometown Huck vs The Big Time

    TWF Hometown Huck vs The Big Time



  • In his match with Sir Serpent, he claimed he never makes the first move. However, Huck actually started the round.
  • In the quarterfinals, Senator Skull was disqualified for being helped by the Big Time. However, BT didn't get disqualified, when Evil Ira helped. There are possibilities why, but I will not explain. It was likely as Ira's intervention was not entering the ring.
  • It is revealed Colonel Cossack's great-uncle is named Blurrg.
  • Neither announcer knows if a "slugedly" snail is witchcraft.

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