Future Season 6

Winner: Hometown Huck

Next: Big Bad Billy Goatesky vs Miss Fitwell

Previous: The Black Knight vs Gogachog

Round 1: Huck takes a few hits on Flashback. Flashback is thinking about a cat named Tommy. He remembers this is a wrestling match. He then pins Huck.

Round 2: Huck punches Flashback 6 times. He says he has no choice but to attack him. But Flashback uses "The Photo Finish." Huck is blinded. He then bumps about in the ring. Flashback just laughs. He then pins Huck again.

Round 3: Pinky then tells Huck where Flashback is. Huck is no longer blinded. Both wrestlers take hit on each other. Huck then uses "The Hometown Shuffle." Huck then pins Flashback for another Dextera win.

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