Hometown Huck vs Evil Ira
Hometown Huck vs05:47

Hometown Huck vs. Evil Ira (Semifinal match)


Episode: 21
Match: Semifinal
Season: 1
Winner: Hometown Huck
Next: The Big Time vs Wasabi
Previous: Evil Ira vs N Fuego


Other than being one of two semifinals, this episode has some other shocking news. This episode marks the first and only time a wrestler switches sides. Evil Ira has turned to the Sinistras. Both Dick and Colonel are shocked.


  1. A lot of crushing. We learn that the Huck never trusted Ira.
  2. The Twisted Hypnosist drops a piano, bricks, an anvil, and even a boombox. Huck dodges, just like every protagonist would ever do.
  3. Evil Ira's signature move: the Evil Eye. He uses it to corrupt Huck. Hating Kansas City and NYNY, he finally corrupts him with this: "You hate Omaha."(which Huck never said, although Ira tried to make him say it) Had it not been for Pinky, Evil Ira might have won the match. Hometown Huck is free from his spell and pins for the win.

MattTheReaper 13:50, November 24, 2010 (UTC)


  • This episode marks the first battle of Evil Ira in allegiance to the Sinistras.
  • Huck didn't use one of his signature moves on Ira. Not even the Austin Avalanche.

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