Hometown Huck vs Billy Batboy
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Episode: 47
Match: 12
Season: 3
Winner: Hometown Huck
Next: Mr. Extremo vs The Big Time
Previous: The Big Time vs Ouch

Hometown Huck vs. Billy Batboy was the 12th match in Season 3.



Pregame: Dick announced the one history book and Colonel insults on Dick Thompson that he says " No I didn't history of all crushing" that he wants reality show and live on TV but Dick actually in the Thumb Wrestling Federation that are the best fighter with and Dick says "Were just commentators" and they can't reality outcome but Colonel involved Trashcan last night.And Dick says "Well sorry Colonel" and the match starts.Huck introduced the former champion and Dick talks about bashing sinistras and he came from. But Colonel that he cannot from and Huck announced people to greeting in Delaware,Pittsburgh and Rhode Island.

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