Season 13
Winner: The Big Time
Next: Sick Vick vs Danny Kaboom

When Gogachog chalanged The Big Time, things started to get ugly, for the Sinestras the is! Round 1**, Gogachog and The Big Time punch eachother randomly untill The Big Time does the Fatidoe twist on Gogachog, with hardly any affect sience Pinky warned him. Then the Round ends. Round 2**, The Big Time claims he can win the mach without trying. This for some reason angers Gogachog and does his new signature move, The Caveman Crush Cavern Atack, making The Big Time dizzy. Then the dizzy Big Time does The Time Bomb early.Sience The Big Time was dazed, it didn't affect Gogachog at all, but it did the affect on The Big Time instead!! Round 3**, Gogachog laughs constantly at The Big Time, who is still flat on the mat. Laughing Loony decides to laugh too, but his teamate, The Visitor,telaported with a chair, and threw it at him for laughing at The Big Time. The Big Time gets up and pins Gogachog, ending the mach, and posably Gogachog's carrear, as spoken by Senator Skull.


Sidlines Edit

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