Gill vs Mugsy Thumbscrew
Thumb Wrestling Federation Gill vs Mugsy Thumbscrew03:31

Thumb Wrestling Federation Gill vs Mugsy Thumbscrew


Episode: 45
Match: 10
Season: 3
Winner: Gill                                                        
Next: The Big Time vs Ouch
Previous: Itsy Bitsy vs Milty the Clown

This episode 45th of Thumb Wrestling Federation and Match 10 and Season 3.

Character AppearancesEdit


Pregame: Dick tells announced the wrong and Colonel says" No, Welcome to another Slug-pounding fest". And Colonel gets to fight slugs and remain competition gets really win and Dick talks the mighty and he known, but the match start.Gill introduced the Dextera contender and Mugsy introduced and Dick talks that him to cops and dangerous gangster ever the professional wrestling. Mugsy tells Dick that he is an upstanding businessman. The mobsters wants spare TNT and Mugsy agrees to plan someone try opponent.

Round 1: Mugsy refuses to fight Gill head-on so he sends his henchmen to do it for him, prompting Colonel Cossack to scream "Illegal move! Illegal move!" The round ends with Gill being pummelled.

Poster Round 1: The announcer pages Colonel Cossack and tells him to report to the parking lot because his car is being stolen by giant slugs. Colonel Cossack is shocked and angry at this and says it is personal.

Round 2: Mugsy sends his men to attack Gill, but Gill takes them out one by one, in quick succession.

Poster Round 2: Colonel explains the car has been stolen by giant slugs and Dick cares says "There There Colonel I'm sure their bringing back, Eventually".

Round 3: Mugsy fights back on Gill and attack plenty of punches and he stuck over Gill and Dick says "Oh no" that Mugsy settle down "Stay out Rag" and talks that the end and Mugsy spins it and Pinky to warning and Gill dodge and saves by Pinky but he tells that brings swamp things and Gill think about to drop that he hit 400 pounds of swamp slime and Gill win for the Mighty Dexteras victory.

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