Synopsis Edit

Round 1 Edit

Gary starts telling the public that will win the fight and The Big Time responds to public who is he who will win the fight, making the audience confused and the judge ask to fight now and Gary starts watering The Big Time with your Water Spray for hair and The Big Time reaches Gary with a selfie stick, ending the Round 1.

Round 2 Edit

Gary puts hair gel on the floor and distracts The Big Time who runs to attack Gary, but The Big Time slips and falls to the ground, ending the Round 2.

Round 3 Edit

The Big Time starts to use your last chop and ask the public what time is it and the public responds what is time of The Time Bomb and The Big Time defeats Gary with your The Time Bomb.

winner : the big time
 loser and agiliti up: gary the intern
next:queen nefercrreapy vs hometome huck