Season 6 Semifinals
Winner: Gary the Intern
Next: Gary the Intern vs The Amoeba

Round 1: Gary the Intern and Queen Nefercreepy punch eachother until Snagglefangs givs Queen Nefercreepy a chair. Remembering what had happened to him in the Quarterfinals, Gary knockes the chair out of her possesion and pins her. (Gary the Intern had an insadent with a chair in Gary the Intern vs The Big Time.) Round 2: Queen Nefercreepy uses The Most Powerful Curse in the History of Egypt on Gary the Intern. Gary is doging everything and has Pinky give him his Acme Energy Scissors. When he uses these on her she is so tired, she can't finish the curse. Round 3: Gary the Intern does the Kangaroo Punch Combo on Queen Nefercreepy. Causing her to get dizzy, and not being able to move well. She says that Gary's scissors drained all of her energy out. She falls asleep. Gary the Intern pins her for the win.

Apearences Edit

Sidelines Edit


  • This is the second appearance of the Gary the Intern's Acme Energy Scissors
  • This is the first appearence that Snagglefangs didn't eat anything (WOW)

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