Round 1 Face off Phil strikes the big time 3 times but the big time smashes phil 5 times and tells phil that hockey is just a game and it dosent work in wrestling matches whitch insults phil.Then he gets mad and poures ice all over the big time.Then phil hits him 3 time and pins him.Round 2.Both wrestlers trade hits and the big time sould tell phil that he should quit playing hockey in the ring and do basket ball in it or something.Then pins phil but he reverses the pain then phil uses his hockey stick to shoot a puck on to the big times face and strikes him to the ropes.Round 3 the big time uses the time bomb on phil but he dodges and the big time is suprised.Then phil uses his sinigture move the power play to shoot 5 pucks into the big times face.Then big time gets tired and phil pins him.

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