Fly Guy

Fly Guy

Name: Fly Guy
Additional Info: Buzzes Like An Old Flourescent Bulb
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: W0, L1
Appearance: Season 2
Portrayed by: Marc Thompson

Fly Guy is the Dexteras master of irritation.

Background Info Edit

Nothing is known of Fly Guy's life before TWF.

Personality + Battling Style Edit


Fly Guy's personality is like any regular fly. Annoying, but kind and gentle (sometimes)

Battling Style Edit

Fly Guy would normal annoy his opponent and land some hits on them.

Career Edit

Itsy Bitsy

Lose (Disqualified For Being Extremely Annoying)

Season 2 Edit

Fly Guy began his career in Season 2, battling his natural enemy Itsy Bitsy, he had the win right in his path, but was disqualified for being to annoying for The Ref to ignore.

See: Itsy Bitsy vs Fly Guy


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