Face-Off Phil vs Senator Skull
Thumb Wrestling Federation Face-Off Phil vs Senator Skull03:31

Thumb Wrestling Federation Face-Off Phil vs Senator Skull


Episode: 49
Match: 14
Season: 3
Winner: Face-Off Phil
Next: Bucks Gazillion vs Hometown Huck
Previous: Mr. Extremo vs The Big Time


Face-Off Phil (Winner)

Senator Skull (Loser)

Cheeko Rojo

Dick Thompson

Colonel Cossack

The Ref

Sideline CharactersEdit


Vini Vidi Victory and Wasabi


Evil Ira. N Fuego and The Big Time


Round 1

Phil lands hits while telling Skull not to use his tricks, but Skull says he'll do it. He asks Cheeko to hit Phil with a chair, but Cheeko says the Ref is looking right at them. Phil lands one then pins Skull.

Round 2

Skull asks Cheeko to drop a hockey net, tricking Phil that it's hockey time. Skull shoots three hockey pocks at Phil. Pinky reminds Phil that he's in a wrestling match. Phil slaps Skull to the ropes with his hockey stick twice.

Round 3

Skull activates his Arctic Weather Machine, making the ring chilly, but Phil feels cool and Skull is the one who's chilled. Phil lands three hits then pins Skull. Skull then said he quits because he can't come up with evil plots when he is busy getting beaten by Phil in the ring.

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