Face-off Phil vs Scoutmaster Scott
TWF - Face-Off Phil vs03:30

TWF - Face-Off Phil vs. Scoutmaster Scott


Episode: 60
Match: 6
Season: 4
Winner: Face-Off Phil
Next: Queen Nefercreepy vs Gogachog
Previous: Rolf the Reaper vs Hometown Huck
  • Round 1: The round keeps going back and forth as both wrestlers deliver punches to each other. However, Scoutmaster Scott's Cookie Scouts fire a plunger arrow that hits Face-Off Phil's forehead to end the round.
  • After Phil punches Scoutmaster Scott a few times, Steve, who's dressed up as a referee, blows a whistle and says that Phil is penalized for fighting and the Sinistras trick Face-Off Phil into thinking he's in a hockey game. But Pinky says that it's not a hockey game and he doesn't have to stay in the penalty box. After that, he charges toward Scoutmaster Scott and skids to stop, which results in shaved ice getting in the Scoutmaster's eyes, and Phil pins him to end the round.
  • Round 3: Phil tries to finish Scoutmaster Scott off, but Scott offers him a plate of pancakes and says it has maple syrup on it. Phil then quickly rushes toward the pancakes becoause maple syrup is his favorite, but trips on a rope and the Cookie Scouts trap him in a net. He tries to break free, but The Stash says to remeber his training andunleash his inner thumb, so Phil tries again and he breaks free. After breaking out of the trap he lunges toward Scoutmaster Scott and pins him to the mat, giving the Dexteras their second victory and snapping their losing streak.

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