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|+style="font-size: larger;"|Face-Off Phil vs Queen Nefercreepy |colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"|No Image |- !Episode: |52 |- !Match: |17 |- !Season: |3 |- !Winner: |Face-Off Phil |- !Next: |Bucks Gazillion vs Mr. Extremo |- !Previous: |Queen Nefercreepy vs Milty the Clown |} Face-off Phil vs. Queen Nefercreepy was the 53 episode of Thumb Wrestling Federation and the 17th episode of Season 3. It took place during the Semifinals.

Short SummaryEdit

The match has barely begun when Nefercreepy insults Phil's favourite sport, and it's not long before she goes after his favourite country, too.

Character AppearencesEdit


Pregame: Dick Thompson greets the fans to the Semifinal match. He then sayd that the match will be between two of the top contenders in TWF. Colonel Cossack says that it will be a fight betweeen a frog and a peanut. Both are not moving, and Dick explains that the match he is talking about is between Face-Off Phil and Queen Nefercreepy, and adds that the frog and peanut are not moving. Face-Off Phil is introduced, and Dick talks about how he is only one win away from the Championship. Colonel adds that he woukdn't dare face Peanut and that he knows his limits. Queen Nefercreepy is intoduced, and Dick says that she means business and Phil is going to have a tough match. Colonel then says that if Phil loses, he can get a new job selling doughnuts, and laughs. The match then starts.

Round One:They start trading hits, Phil does some Trash Talking, but Queen Nefercreepy then insults hockey, suprising and angering both Face-Off Phil and the Canadian fans. Phil lands huge blows in reurn to her words and evenutally pins her.

Post Round One:Dick claims that they will see fireworks in Round 2. Colonel then gets back to Peanut vs. Frog. Peanut has somehow gotten on top of the Frog. Colonel says that the Peanut has the Frog in a sleeper hold, and tells the Frog to watch out. Then Round 2 starts.

Round Two:Queen Nefercreepy starts by saying that Ancient Egypt is better than Canada. Once again, Phil and the Canadians are shocked. Face-Off Phil claims that Canada has great things, such as moose. A moose then appears. Nefercreepy says that Egypt has crocodiles, and a crocodile attacks Face-Off Phil, which he fends off. Phil says Canada has maple syrup, of which a bottle of falls on Queen Nefercreepy, who talks about Egypt's sand. A sandstorm then brews. Phil says pine trees, making a pine tree go into Nefercreepy's face. The Queen says pyramids. A pyramid then falls, but Phil dodges, and the Round ends.

Post Round Two: Dick says that both wrestlers are in a dead heep at the end of round 2. Colonel asks why no one threw The Sphinx or Prince Edward Island. Dick says that some things don't fit in a wrestling ring and Round 3 starts.

Round Three: Queen Nefercreepy lands a few hits before pinning Face-Off Phil (not to the mat). Phil says that there can always be a miracle on ice and gets up. He lands a few big hits, and finishes Queen Nefercreepy with the Manitoba Mauler, making the Canadians cheer.

Post Round Three: Dick states than now that Phil has won, he is going to the Championship. After Dick says that is was an upset, Colonel says that there was another upset, and that the Frog has eaten the Peanut. It shows a clip of the Frog standing there with peanut crumbs on the ground. Dick states that it was quite an evening and bids good night to the fans. The episode then ends.


  • This marks the first time Queen Nefercreepy has lost (even though she barely wrestled)

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