Phil In A Match

Face-Off Phil's intro

Season 10
Winner: Face-Off Phil
Next: Gary the Intern vs Laghing Loony

Round1: Corbata hits Face-Off Phil 5 times. Phil uses the Manatobo Mower on Corbata, making him mad. He breaks free, then uses the Corbata Boom-Bata. Face-Off Phil uses the Left Wing Lock to end the round. Round2: Corbata uses the Cheet Code, making a tornato enter the ring. Phil is dazed by it. Then, Face-Off Phil spreds ice on it, somehow freezing it. Corbata isn't shocked and lunges at Phil, but misses and falls on the mat. Face-Off Phil pins Corbata, who is struggling to get up.Round3: Face-Off Phil uses the Calgary Cross-Check, nearly defeating Corbata. Corbata asks for someone to throw a chair. Then, Mugsy Thumbscrew throws a chair, making Face-Off Phil fall over. Phil then loses, or so the audience thinks. The Ref saw Corbata cheating. The Ref says Face-Off Phil is still in. Face-Off Phil then does the Slap-Shot Slammer, then pins the stuned Corbata by surprise.


Sidelines (Dex)Edit

Sidelines (SIN)Edit

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