Match :4     In Round 1 evil ira uses his magic to make an anvil fall on gogachog , but misses . Then gogachog says nobody can hurt him and hits evil ira so hard that ira gets tangled in the ropes , ending the round . next , in Round 2 evil ira uses his magic again to make gogachog fall to the mat so the round could end easily , but gogachog says that he isn't weak and also says " let me finish this " and hits evil ira , winning the round . In Round 3 evil ira uses the Evil Eye to make gogachog sleepy and make a hard rock fall on him ,but gogachog hits the rock back up and says that he's smart and says that the rock will fall on ira , but he still gets hit and says he miscalcuated a lot and evil ira pins him for the win. Next: The lost viking vs wasabi Previous: Miss fitwell vs n fuego
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