Season 7


Winner: Evil Ira
Next: Wassabi vs Rolf the Reaper

Round1: Evil Ira and Vini punch each other until Vini Vidi Victory tells Ira how crushed he was when he left, and nearly knockes him down. Evil Ira says that he dosn't care, then punches him very hard, nearly KOing him. Round2: Vini Vidi Victory hits Ira with some hard hits, and Ira does the same, Evil Ira askes his wife, The Amoeba,to hit him with a chair. When she does, Tom Cat hits Evil Ira one too. Ira and Vini Vidi Victory get up. Evil Ira is about to pin the Dextara leader, until Ira's 18 year old daughter (who is soon to be a Dextara in 3 seasons) comes out to tell him to go easy on him. Evil Ira sighs, then the round ends. Round3: Vini tells Evil Ira that he is tired of fighting him, then does the Vini Vidi Vada Voom, wich for some reason, has no efect. It just makes him start laughing menicingly. He does the Evil Eye. He was going to drop an anvil on him, but his daughter told him not to. So, he droped a clay pot on him, knocking him down. Evil Ira pushes it aside, and pins Vini.


Sidelines (DEX)Edit

Sidelines (SIN)Edit

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