Season 6
Mach 2
Winner: Evil Ira
Next: Fly Guy vs Billy Batboy
Previous: Gary the Intern vs Bucks Gazillion

Evil Ira strikes again when he chalanges former gym teacher Miss Fitwell! Round 1**, Evil Ira starts the mach by instantly pinning Miss Fitwell. She breaks free and makes Ira do push-ups untill the end of the round, therfore, tiring out Evil Ira. Round 2**, Evil Ira is exausted and has The Amoeba throw a chair at Miss Fitwell. When She Gets up, they throw powerful punches untill the round ends. Round 3**, this is when things realy start gettins messy. Evil Ira hits his opponent 3 times then uses the Evil Eye to drop 25 pounds of slime ( as used in Hometown Huck vs Sir Serpent). The slime KOs Miss Fitwell. Evil Ira pins her to end the match!

Apperances Edit

Sideline CharictersEdit

Trivia Edit

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