Season 6
Winner: Dorsal Flynn
Next: Corbata vs Danny Kaboom

Round1: Dorsal Flynn is punching Mugsy Thumbscrew. Mugsy tells him to do better, then lunges toward Dorsal Flynn But he misses, then Dorsal Flynn uses his new move, The Hook Gun, and pins Mugsy Thumbscrew. Round2: Dorsal Flynn punches Mugsy Thumbscrew 2 times.Then he calls for his henchman to beat up Dorsal. Dorsal Flynn uses The Blow Hole, to fend them off. Then he gets mad at Mugsy Thumbscrew, and hits him so hard, that they both fall down. Round3: Mugsy uses the following cheats: The Sinistra Scissor Choke, Cheater Lock, and a Sinistra bomber. Dorsal is tired, but then sees Pinky tied up and caged in the locker room. Dorsal Flynn frees him. He stands up for him, and ties Mugsy Thumbscrew to a chair and puts a strip of cloth over Mugsy's mouth. Dorsal then pins him. Then is awarded for saving Pinky.


Sidlines (DEX)Edit

Sidlines (Sin)Edit

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