Match 8     In Round 1 captain carpal hits danny kaboom a lot but danny strikes back with a stick of dynamite .it blows up on captain carpal and he falls to the mat ,and polly says that they end the round , so they do. Next , in Round 2 danny hits captain carpal but then the pirate sinistra gets a cannon and shoots the cannonball at danny , and hits danny real hard . then captain carpal puts danny on the ropes , winning the round. In Round 3 captain carpal sets his cannon up for another shot , but the Stash tells danny to defend himself with dynamite . so then the cannon fires ,but danny counters with dynamite . then danny hits captain carpal really fast ,so the pirate sinistra is dazed . so danny throws explosives at captain carpal ,which explode and helps danny pin captain carpal for another dextera win.Next: Face off phil vs sick vick(Not the Season 6 championship page!) Previous: Rolf the reaper vs hometown huck(rematch)


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