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IMG 0622
Danny Kaboom vs The Black Knight

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Danny Kaboom (DEX) vs The Black Knight (SIN) (inc04:16

Danny Kaboom (DEX) vs The Black Knight (SIN) (inc. Trash Talk)


Episode: 85
Match: 12
Season: 5
Winner: Danny Kaboom
Next: Cleat Cunningham vs Itsy Bitsy
Previous: Mugsy Thumbscrew vs Unit 19G

Round 1

Danny throws a bomb at The Black Knight, but he knocks it away with his helmet. The Black Knight calls Danny a coward, and Danny starts punching him. The Black Knight stands on Cheeko Rojo (his horse was unavailable, so Cheeko is a substitute), But Danny drops an explosive dynamite bomb at Cheeko's feet. Cheeko Rojo and The Black Knight are launched into the air. They fall the ground.

Round 2

The Black Knight grabs his Bolster a spiky ball and hits Danny with it. Then he fires 3 arrows at Danny, but they all miss. The Black Knights hits Danny with his bolster again, and Danny is tied to a torture rack. The Black Knight turns the wheel on it, and Danny feels a lot of pain.

Round 3

Danny throws a bombstick at The Black Knight, which blows up and knocks The Black Knight's helmet the other way round. He calls for Cheeko to help him fix his helmet, but Danny punches him. Cheeko, who is in the ring says that he is on the other side of the ring, but The Black Knight thinks that Cheeko is Danny, so he punches him, knocking him away. Danny says The Black knight is awfuly messed Up then he drops a larger bombstick and walks away which blows up and sends The Black Knight flying. He falls to the mat and Danny pins him.

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