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Danny Kaboom vs. Mugsy Thumbscrew

Danny Kaboom vs Mugsy Thumbscrew

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Episode: 69
Match: 15
Season: 4(Quarter-finals)
Winner: Danny Kaboom
Next: N Fuego vs Face-Off Phil
Previous: Mr. Extremo vs Queen Nefercreepy

Round 1

The Ref Interupped The Match Bringing His Metal detector Danny and Mugsy Shown Metal So He Tells Both To Keep The Fight Clean , Then Mugsy Grabs a crowbar Hitting Danny and Exclaims How did he Get It Pass The metal Dector Mugsy Just Loves His Trusty Wooden Crowbar

Round 2

Mugsy Makes His Thugs Attack Danny then he Gives Them A Snack so They Had a Treat Of Canoly That Ticks But The Food Explodes blowing Mugsy's Gang Away So Danny Hits Mugsy More Times Ending The second

Round 3

Mugsy Asks Bucks For Help but He got it Covered So Steve Replaced a Dynamite With a stink Bomb as Danny found Spluttering about Then Mugsy Moves In and Hits Danny twice asking any Last requests So Danny Obvisly ask him to Move Back Step On The Life So he Accepts But blasts in the Air, Danny States every Good demolition Experts Keep a Spare Landmine For Emergencies. Mugsy Groans Land back Down, Then Danny Pins Him Advacing to the Semifinals

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