Danny Kaboom vs Flashback

Winner:Danny Kaboom

Next Match:The Big Time vs Gill


The Dexteras' Explosion-Loving Science Geek Danny Kaboom faces off against the Completely Confused Sinistra Flashback.


Danny Kaboom


Dick Thompson

Colonel Cossack

The Ref

Bucks Gazillion


Flashback's Mother


Pregame: Dick introduces the show as another slam-tastic episode of the littlest big show on earth, but Colonel thinks he's talking about Vladabouster Flea Circus, claiming he's never seen such large fleas. Dick corrects him that it's the TWF, but the Colonel remembers a talk he had with the Ringleader Flea, saying he must have bitten many dogs, or perhaps maybe one big dog. Dick then interrupts, that tonight's event is actually a wrestling match.

Danny Kaboom is introduced as the Dextera contender, with Dick commenting this his slams are deadly, but not as deadly as his explosions, only for the Colonel to declare Less Explosions! More Slams!. Of course, as always, Danny takes out lots of TNT, then he pushes the lever and then the TNT explodes. Then Flashback is introduced as the Sinistra contender, and Dick comments that he's one weak thumb, due to all his hours slacking off, while the Colonel declares he's stronger than a slacker and does Flashback dare to challenge him?

Round 1: Flashback, suprisingly, takes the upperhand by attacking Danny with random punches and then locks Danny. Dick can't believe it, declaring Hardcore! Danny strikes back though, saying you're so dumb, i don't have to fight with challenge. and impressing Dick with this reversal. Bucks interrupts the match from the sidelines, declaring that Flashback's Mother likes Cabbage Stew, swiftly moving to a shot with the mother declaring Well, i never!

Post Round 1: Dick comments Flashback's speed but that Danny is as fast as his tongue. The Colonel corrects him claiming that none of them have tongues, while Dick says that he knows But we can dream.

Round 2: Danny deals the first blow- Here's a punch from me to you. while Flashback responds just as hard with a punch from my face to your face, with Dick commenting on how it had to hurt and how Flashback returned the favor. The Colonel gets excited about the crushing. Flashback declares that Danny's about to be fragged, and usses The Photo Finish to end the round.

Post Round 2: According to Dick, The Photo Finish has been illegal in the Federation for six years. The Colonel is furious, banging his head on the table and demanding to let him in the ring to teach Flashback to finish his photo, along with the rest of The Slimy Sinistras.

Round 3: Danny struggles to get up, and Dick tells the Colonel it could be too late for him due to Danny's condition. Pinky comes ringside, declaring that Danny can't lose and declaring to him that he's awesome. Flashback got angry at Pinky for interrupting the match and claims Pinky has got to go, and knocks him out cold. The Colonel seems saddened by this, claiming that Pinky is So easy to crush. But Dick comments that despite that, it gave Danny time to recover, much to Flashback's anger. Flashback's anger then faded when he starts to think about his dog Muffins, allowing Danny to take out his bazooka and use The Bazooka Barrage. Flashback gets beaten up by the bazooka's strong power, giving Danny the chance to pin Flashback and win the match for The Dexteras.

Endgame: Dick comments on Danny's comeback and a well-earned victory for The Mighty Dexteras, while The Colonel is banging his head on the desk. On Dick's questioning, he say he is very mad, claiming If i ever wrestle Danny Kaboom, they will make me weak. Dick finishes off with There he goes again.

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