Round 1: Both wrestlers trade hits then Bucks Gazillion says that the colors of the soccer ball needs to be green and yellow insted of black and white. Then Cleat Cunningham says that it is just how it is then he kicks a soccer ball into Bucks Gazillion's face but Steve used a plastic wall to block the attack.

Round 2: Cleat hits Bucks 5 times then Cleat says that he wins all of his matches with soccer balls. Then Bucks says that money is everything. Bucks tells Steve to release the bulls then an army of bulls were after Cleat but he used mutiples of soccer balls to make them faint then Cleat pins Bucks Gazillion.

Round 3: Cleat Cunningham says that Bucks Gazillion's tricks are no match for him but Bucks says that is impossible and orders Steve to drop a bag of cash on the ref which he does. With the ref unconscious, Bucks said that it is ok and it was time for them to come out and fight. Then the 8 sinistras which are Captain Carpal, Scoutmaster Scott, The Cheetah, The Lost Viking, The Visitor, Queen Nefercreepy, Mugsy Thumbscrew and The Black Knight came out of the audience to beat up Cleat but Cleat used the legendary kick on all eight of them and then they ran away. Then Cleat used the legendary kick again but this time he kicked 5 soccer balls into Bucks Gazillon's face. Cleat kicks Bucks Gazillion into the ropes and pins him.

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