Cleat Cunningham vs The Big Time
IMG 0438
Episode: 92
Match: 19
Season: 5 (Championship)
Winner and Champion: Cleat Cunningham
Next: Season 6!
Previous: Cleat Cunningham vs Senator Skull

Round 1

The Big Time hits on a girl on the sidelines, asking her what she is doing tonight. Cleat kicks a soccer ball at The Big Time, and another at the girl, knocking her away. The Big Time, rudely interrupted, asks Cleat why he is even bothering to fight him, since everyone believes he is a traitor and the Dexteras don't want him. Cleat says that may be so, but he is still going to fight anyway. He kicks 2 balls at The Big Time which stick onto him, blinding him. Cleat kicks The Big Time into the ropes.

Round 2

(Senator Skull, who is watching the match from a Skybox sends the other Sinistras watching to help the big time win the match and secure the Sinistras the championship. Captain Carpal, one of the Sinistras watching, fears that the Sinistra HQ will be broken into, but Skull says that you would have to be the size of an ant to get through his security. However, Pinky broke in easily due to his size, and steals Skull's evil plans.)

Round 3

..Cleat DID NOT Cheat

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