Cleat Cunningham vs Senator Skull
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Episode: 91
Match: 18
Season: 5(Semi-finals)
Winner: Cleat Cunningham
Next: Cleat Cunningham vs The Big Time
Previous: The Big Time vs Hometown Huck

Round 1

Senator Skull shows a picture of the masked thumb who beat up Mr Extremo in the quaterfinals, and asks the audience if he looks familiar. One audience member replies, "Not really." Senator Skull puts a black mask over Cleat and asks "How about now?". The audience has been convinced that Cleat beat up Mr Extremo, and see him as a traitor to the Dexteras. Cleat claims that this is not true, but no one listens to him, and Skull pins him.

Round 2

Cleat kicks multiple footballs at Skull stunning him. Cleat kicks skull into the ropes, ending the round.

Round 3

Skull gets back up and uses the Skull's Revenge Shocker on Cleat. However, before he can finish the attack, Cleat breaks free. Skull panics, saying he wasn't ready, and Cleat mocks him for being too slow. Strangely, Skull tells Cleat to pin him and doesn't fight back. Cleat accepts the offer, pinning Skull to the mat, winning the match, but Skull suddenly claims that Cleat and him planned the defeat together, further worsening Cleats situation of being a supposed traitor. 




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