Season 5 Quarterfinals
Winner: Cleat Cunningham Match 13,  Episode 86, No Image

Round 1

Cleat kicks a soccer ball into Itsy then, Itsy says she Hates Soccer, Cleat says she mean football , But Itsy Says she mean soccer and Hits cleat , Then cleat says football and Kicks another football at her , Later both argued Until Cleat Brought his English Dictionary and states a sport's called Football, then Itsy Takes a Look , Then Cleat hits his book on her head.

Round 2

Cleat did some skills he slip one foot out and kicks Itsy On the ropes , then he Punch her, Itsy Switches to Plan B , halftime ,  she brings a tank of coolwater making Cleat thristy , then Itsy Turns the pressure on and Hosed Cleat away

Round 3

Itsy performs her sinister Charm to gaze Cleat , But  said Love Stuffs Poppy Cough , then say to about but Stares at Itsy's beautiful Eyes ,Then Itsy Hates To Do This To but, she Tries Hit Him But Cleat backs Away , Then cleat states He is a Fighter not a lover , then Cleat Jump Upside down and Kicks Itsy on The Mat, Then Cleat Pins Her Advacing to the semifinalsEdit

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