Majors are the main wrestlers for each team. For the Sinistras:

Season 1Edit

Senator Skull

The Big Time

Itsy Bitsy

N Fuego

Evil Ira (switched to the Sinistras after cheating in his match with N Fuego)

Season 2-Season 3Edit

Senator Skull

The Big Time

Itsy Bitsy

N Fuego (along with Evil Ira, he didn't wrestle in Season 3)

Evil Ira (along with N Fuego, he didn't wrestle in Season 3)

Bucks Gazillion

Queen Nefercreepy

Possible Sick Vick

Season 4Edit

Senator Skull (regained his leadership of the Sinistras during the Season 4 championship causing Bucks Gazillion to lose his leadership of the Sinistras, The Visitor losing to Mr. Extremo, and the Dexteras winning TWF back from the Sinistras)

Bucks Gazillion (didn't wrestle, but helped the Sinistras win another championship)

The Big Time (retired)

Itsy Bitsy (retired)

N Fuego

Evil Ira (retired)

Queen Nefercreepy

The Visitor

Season 5-Season 6!Edit

Senator Skull

The Big Time (Came back)

Itsy Bitsy (Came Back)

N Fuego

Evil Ira (Came back)

Bucks Gazillion (Quit)

Queen Nefercreepy

O Visitante


  • Itsy Bitsy was the only female Sinistra major until Queen Nefercreepy came. Now that she's quit, Queen Nefercreepy has taken her place as the best female on the team.
  • Bucks Gazillion, N Fuego and Queen Nefercreepy were the only 3 majors left until after the Championship when Senator Skull, The Big Time and Evil Ira came back.
  • Bucks Gazillion might quit TWF after he losses his leadership of the Sinistras after the Season 4 Championship when The Big Time, Evil Ira, N Fuego, and Billy Batboy help Senator Skull get his leadership of the Sinistras back.
  • Even though they're both on the same team, Senator Skull and The Big Time hate each other. Due to the reason that The Big Time got Senator Skull disqualified in his match with Wasabi. ant Senator Skull throwing a chair at The Big Time in his match with Mr. Extremo for what he did to him in Season 1.
  • Stat Changes
  • The Visitor 1st Stats
Power: ---------- 46%
Agility: ------------------ 86%
Stamina: -------- 43%
Alien Weapon: --------------------------


  • The Visitor's Stats after the match between Mahi Mahi Mindy.

Power: ---------------------- 78%
Agility: ----------------------------- 100%
Stamina: -------------------- 69%
Street Smarts: -- 12%

Sick Vick Old Stats

Power: ----------------------- 79%
Agility: ------------- 52%
Stamina: ----- 12%
Germs: ----------------------------- 96%

Sick Vick's New Stats

Power: ----------------------- 81%

Agility: -------------- 54%

Ability: -------- 23%

Germs: ----------------------------- 100%


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