Mugsy Thumbscrew: Hand me Up!

Hometown Huck: Hey, There's No Card Games Allow in Here!

Mugsy Thumbscrew: Listen Square how about you go Pratice Putting Corn On Your veryous Cards and Leave The Real men in B

Hometown Huck: Well, Where am From Talk Like That Is Bonafied Fighting Words

Mugsy Thumbscrew: Yeah, I Know Some Guys Where your From Always a Sucker Soley and Big Pushover. im not Afraid of Your Type or Your Town.

Hometown Huck: Then I'll guess i Have To Show a Classic Nabraken Knockdown you Knuclehead.

Mugsy Thumbscrew: What a You gonna Do Goody Two Shoes Make Me Take My Hat Off In Doors?

Hometown Huck: No, I'll Just Hit You Till You Can't Tell The Difference Between Spatgetthi and Linguine.

Mugsy Thumbscrew: Whoa!! Now Them's Fighting Words Towny, My Boys and I will See You In The Ring!

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