Season 8

Winner: Bucks Gazillion

Next: cleat cunningham vs evil ira      

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roun 1 bucks gazillion starts to hit knockout ninja and knockout ninja he asks if he prefer him next to him or above him using his martial arts training already and knockout ninja hits bucks and end of the mat

round 2 knockout ninja delivers 2 punches says slow and steady wins the race. but bucks have the thumb liquidator 8000 to take care of knockout ninja but bucks his liquidator its broken.before bucks figures it out and the big time shouts he says bucks look out and bucks is attacked by knockout ninja to finish the round.bucks didnt stand the chance against

round 3 knockout ninja says ninja like words to intimidate bucks but bucks cant understand and bucks takes the liberty of hiring new thugs for bucks.he says they cost a fourtune.the two appear out of smoke puffs and gang up of knockout ninja.knockout ninja shouts ahh sayonara cruel the world again and bucks pins him

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