Bucks Gazillion vs Hometown Huck
TWF Bucks Gazillion vs Hometown Huck03:26

TWF Bucks Gazillion vs Hometown Huck


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Match: 15
Season: 3
Winner: Bucks Gazillion
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Previous: Face-Off Phil vs Senator Skull

Round One: Huck starts talking, but bucks stops him mid sentence with a hit. Huck then ends the round by punishing Bucks.

Round 2:  Bucks offers Huck some money if he forfits, but Huck turns him down with a flurry of strikes. Steve comes in to help Bucks by hittting Huck with a club while the ref plays with his video game system that Bucks buys him.

Round 3: Huck gets  ready for the Hometown shuffle, but the crowd is busy eating icecream. Huck is confused without his fans and Bucks makes him pay by pinning him.

Commentators Plot: The Colonel taalks about his hatred for Hometown Huck each round. He gets happy when huck loses and says Huck should move to Siberia, but gets sad when Dick reminds him that he is from Siberia.

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