Season 14 Championship
Winner and Champion: Big Star
Next: Dorsl Flynn vs Good Ira / The Big Time

It all started in round 1. Big Star was dodging all of his cousin's punches. He tries to convince The Big Time to be proud of him. The Big Time says " Whatever" and pins Big Star. Round 2. The Big Time does The Fatituchi Twist on Big Star, Nearly making him fall down. Big Star asks his cousin if he is proud of him, then lists off 4 diffrent reasons why. The Big Time says that Big Star wasn't even tring to win, then, he smashes Big Star to the floor. Big Star says that he will try a little bit, then pins The Big Time. Round 3. Big Star askes his cousin if he is proud. He responds that he will never be proud of a "weak coward baby".This angers Big Star and he rapidly punches The Big Time and pins him. An awesome win for the Dextaras and a embarising loss for The Big Time.

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