Season 6
Mach 6
Winner. flashback
Next: Pei Pei The Purple Panda vs Itsy Bitsy

Flashback, the holder of the record of having the longest gap between a TV appearences. He took a hard hit in this mach.Round1: Flashback thinks that he is graguating from colidge, so Big Star punches him 12 times, Flashback suddenly rembers to fight, so, he hits Big Star making him shed a few tears. Round2: Flashback and Big Star punch each other. Flashback says that his opponent is not a star. Big Star is offended, and hits his opponent, but misses. Round3: Flashback uses his fearsome move, the Photo Finish. Big Star's eyes are badly hurt. He recovers, then uses The Star Spangled Slammer, then pins big star by mistake

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